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I have an array contains static data related to an entity Product:

public static $category = array(
    1 => 'animal.png',
    2 => 'blague.png',
    3 => 'devinette.png',
    4 => 'enfant.png',
    5 => 'h-f.png',
    6 => 'nationalite.png',
    7 => 'politique.png',
    8 => 'sport.png',
    9 => 'name',
    10 => 'travail.png',
    11 => 'vulgaire.png',
    12 => 'autre.png',

Where i should declare the array ?

And how i can accede to data from the Twig view ?


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Is the Product entity passed to the Twig template? (in other words, is it passed as an argument with the $this->render(...) function?) –  A.L Jul 3 at 13:36
That what i acutely did, but i thought that there is an other method with twig ? –  Haithem Rihane Jul 4 at 8:18
Yes, we can define constants with Twig (named global variables). But I think that if your data is related to an entity it's logical to keep it inside the Entity. –  A.L Jul 4 at 15:31

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I don't know if that's the best way but I used something similar to your code:

class Product
    protected static $category = array( 
        1 => 'animal.png',
        2 => 'blague.png',
        3 => 'devinette.png',
        // ...

Then you can add some functions in this class in order to get data from the array

    public function getCategoryImageFromIndex($a)
        return self::$category[$a];

    // if you have a getter getCategory() which returns the category of the Product
    public function getCategoryImage()
        return self::$category[$this->getCategory()];

Then you can call these functions from Twig:

{{ product.categoryImageFromIndex(1) }}

will display:



{{ product.categoryImage }}

will display the corresponding image from the category.

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