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I need to send files (*.zip, *.jpg, *.xml etc) from Windows CE 5.0 device to a server via GPRS. What are the options of sending files across to server?

I have been successful in sending some data using AT commands of Hayes compatible modem

AT-Command Interpreter ready AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","AIRTELGPRS.COM" OK AT%ETCPIP OK AT%ETCPIP? %ETCPIP:1,"",,"",""



However there is no command for sending files.

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I'd use webservice on the server side and call the web service from client application - I think that you can do http requests from any common programming language/framework that targets WinCE.

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It sounds like you are way to low in the stack. The AT commands you quoted are commands sent directly to the modem/module via serial/usb. You're setting up the APN and it looks like some simple TCP packet transmission.

You need to build a ppp session (DUN - dial-up networking session) to get the IP connectivity that will allow you to send files via common internet protocols like HTTP/FTP etc.

Typically once you've setup the APN in the first cid of the context you dial it via 'AT*99***1#'. This will enable the modem as a PPP endpoint. Keep in mind this can vary between modems.

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