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Hi I 've converted an HTML site to Wordpress. Its available here http://www.cannabisinvestmentmagazine.com/CIM2/

Background I have put [a href="permalink tag"] on the post title to make it clickable and it takes the reader to next page that shows full post article. On the homepage I also have signup form the action of which is also [action="permalink tag "]

Problem: When I fill in the form, on submitting it works but the page redirects to the next page [where full post appears..single.php]. The way form's been developed: it should show thank you message in the same div where the form is sitting currently and wont go to the anyother page

I believe these two permalink tags [one on posts' title and other for form's action] are conflicting. Am I doing wrong?

by the way The php code of the form is in the same page (index.php)

Could anyone help me sort that out please?and point me in the right direction. I am beginner when it comes to wordpress. Just started learning WP development

Thanks Sab

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