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I am setting up my mezzanine project on shared host using virtual env and I am using passanger.py and .htaccess file for that. I am following these docs .Everything was setup and I got this error "ImportError: No module named mezzcms.urls" But now If I am making any changes , my changes are not reflected at front end . I have used this command to

uch passenger_wsgi.py  but nothing works . In the docs there is one command to let server know that passenger file is changed.`touch ~/public_html/tmp/restart.txt` but I didn't find this restart.txt file anywhere so I can't use this command.

I have two questions here :

1) How I can let know my server that passenger file is changed (where is this restart.txt file or I have to create this one )

2) ImportError: No module named mezzcms.urls and this error , In my settings file everything is fine also on my dev server the same thing is working.

My dir. structure ->

virtual env -> /public/mezzenv/
project -> /public/mezzenv/mezzcms/
settings , urls , passanger_wsgi.py files -> /public/mezzenv/mezzcms
.htaccess file -> /public/
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