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I want to store my server files on Dropbox and Google Drive with PHP. I want very very easy PHP class to save and get files between server and [DB + GD].

In my mind:


cloud_store("path/to/file.txt", "Hello World"); // Store

Cloud_get("path/to/file.txt"); // Get


Please help me. Is there any class is available for me. Please suggest me.

Thank you very much... :)

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With both Dropbox and Google Drive, you will need to authenticate the user.

I'd recommend doing some google searches for "dropbox php api" I just found this one: https://code.google.com/p/dropbox-php/wiki/Dropbox_API

Or this example for Google Drive: https://gist.github.com/hubgit/2560093

Which looks like it has some great sample code to get you started with what you are looking to do.

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Thank you very much... –  Nakka Chandra Jul 3 at 13:35

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