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I'm using xtable to generate tables to put in Latex, and was wondering if there's a way to have conditional formatting of cells so that all significant p-values are in grey? I'm using Knitr in TexShop.

Here's an example using the diamonds data in ggplot2, and running a TukeyHSD test to predict carat from cut.

summary(data.aov <- aov(carat~cut, data = diamonds))

I can then get data.hsd.result into xtable format with:


In Latex, the output looks like this:

                         diff         lwr         upr        p.adj
Good-Fair         -0.19695197 -0.23342631 -0.16047764 0.000000e+00
Very Good-Fair    -0.23975525 -0.27344709 -0.20606342 0.000000e+00
Premium-Fair      -0.15418175 -0.18762721 -0.12073628 0.000000e+00
Ideal-Fair        -0.34329965 -0.37610961 -0.31048970 0.000000e+00
Very Good-Good    -0.04280328 -0.06430194 -0.02130461 5.585171e-07
Premium-Good       0.04277023  0.02165976  0.06388070 3.256208e-07
Ideal-Good        -0.14634768 -0.16643613 -0.12625923 0.000000e+00
Premium-Very Good  0.08557350  0.06974902  0.10139799 0.000000e+00
Ideal-Very Good   -0.10354440 -0.11797729 -0.08911151 0.000000e+00
Ideal-Premium     -0.18911791 -0.20296592 -0.17526989 0.000000e+00

It it possible to have any p-values < 0.05 to have a grey coloured background automatically or highlighted in some way? Obviously, for this set it would be the whole column, but I'm hoping for something that works with all my data.

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Hello try this :


<<echo=FALSE, results='asis'>>=
df = data.frame(V1 = LETTERS[1:6], V2 = runif(6, 0, 1))
df$V3 = ifelse(df$V2 < 0.5, paste0("\\colorbox{red}{", df$V2, "}"), df$V2)
print(xtable(df), sanitize.text.function = function(x) x)

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