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Got waist deep in a project that will involve presenting zoomable hi res catalog images. Was assuming I would use Zoomify (Can be seen at their dot com which I am not linking to) and bought a license.

Found out too late that their product relies on user preparing every image into a large number of tiles using their windows exe.

This app will be running under Linux on a virtual machine where I have vm root and I need to automate anything beyond the staff selecting a nice large picture.

Any favorite apps for this? Advice?

// Edit: currently reviewing ajax solutions for this problem. http://www.downloadjavascripts.com/Zoom%20And%20Magnifiers.aspx

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Zoomify Entreprise seems to offer tools to automate the work using a server-side language.

– Converter scripting examples - including scripts written in ASP, Cold Fusion, and PHP

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Thanks for that Zed. It made me realize I was not being as creative as I should. a little Googling produced an open source solution to paying $300 more: greengaloshes.cc/2007/05/zoomifyimage-ported-to-php –  jerrygarciuh Mar 16 '10 at 16:45
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Turns out (of course) that several kind souls have had their shoulder to this wheel already and have an open source solution:


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