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I wonder if there is a way to limit the spellchecking to just a part of the index.

Example i have an index containing different products used in different countries.

when a search is performed i limit the solr query to just return the results for COUNTRY X, however the suggestions that are returned are not limited to COUNTRY X, instead i receive results based on the whole index(since i only have one mispell index).

i beleive you can create a separate dictionary one for each country to solve this but here is the twist, i sometimes do a query where i want results back from COUNTRY_X and COUNTRY_Y thus also suggestions limited by those 2 countries, this would in turn result in a dictionary index of its own, seems a little to complicated and the number of dictionary indexes would be large.

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I'd try splitting the index per country, i.e. one index for country X and another for country Y. You can easily do this with a multi-core setup. This way each index gets its own dictionary.

When you want to search on multiple countries at once you run a distributed query over the indexes. Distributed support for the spell checking component is only available in trunk as of this writing though.

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