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i could not find any examples on how i can set a password using scp to transfer files remotely via from command like


currenty wrote this:

scp “/localFolder/localFile.txt” userName@”/RemoteFiolder/AA/”

Where do i enter the password on this script that wil run automatically?

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Why not set up SSH keys and use that in lieu of a password? –  ChrisForrence Jul 3 at 13:18
Also, this looks like a duplicate of How to pass password to scp? –  ChrisForrence Jul 3 at 13:18

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You cannot just enter the password this way. There is a utility though that can automate handle the "password feeding". Install the expect programm and write a script like this:


spawn scp “/localFolder/localFile.txt” userName@”/RemoteFiolder/AA/”

expect "yes/no" {

    send "yes\n"

    expect "*?assword" { send <your_pass>\n }

    } "*?assword" { send <your_pass>\n }

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Generate a key using: ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your_email@example.com"

Your public key has been saved in ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub. Get that key and put it into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on your remote box. To add multiple keys, add one per line.

et voilà, passwordless login available with that key (as long as you do not protect it with a password)

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Ok thanks i will try this –  jonney Jul 3 at 16:39

The password prompt cannot be automated for security reasons, but you could use public key authentication for this.

See the ssh-keygen(1) manual for details.

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