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I'm developing a backend with Python, web2py to be exact. This backend sends iOS push notifications under certain circumstances. To do this I'm using the library APNSWrapper (https://code.google.com/p/apns-python-wrapper/).

This library fails sending multiple push notifications if one of the token is incorrect or doesn't exist. This problem is known and the APNSWrapper website recommends to use its feedback class.

This class returns a list of tokens and some data associated to them so the user can know which tokens are wrong an remove them.

Here comes the problem, the use of this class seems pretty simple:

feedback = APNSFeedbackWrapper('myreleasecert.pem', False)
#or feedback = APNSFeedbackWrapper('mydevelopemntcert.pem', True) for development environment
print "\n".join("%s at %s" % (str(y), x.strftime("%m %d %Y %H:%M:%S")) for x, y in feedback)

but when this code is executed in my backend feedback.receive() always freezes and the execution stops.

Some users seem to have the same problem. All of us have asked in the APNSWrapper website forum but it seems that has no activity since long time ago.

So I try here, someone has used this class (APNSFeedbackWrapper), has experienced the same problem and has solved it? Or someone is using this class in a different way and is working well?

Thank you very much in advance!

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