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if i add local data (one row) to an existing jqgrid, the autogenerated value by $.jgrid.randId() seems to be wrong. I need the new row id for further actions.

var mydata = [
    {id: '12', thingy: "abc"}, 
    {id: '34', thingy:"def"}, 
    {id: '56', thingy: 'ghi'}

    data: mydata ,
    datatype: 'local',
    gridview: true,
    height: 'auto',
    autoencode: true,
    rowNum: 3,
    colModel: [{
        name: 'id',
        width: 60,
        name: 'thingy',
        width: 90,
    caption: "Stack Overflow Example",
    ondblClickRow: function(rowid) {
        console.log(rowid);  // print current row id

    var p = $('#grid').getGridParam();
    console.log("found gridParamData:", p.data);
    if (p.data){
        var newData = [
            {id: '78', thingy: "jkl"}
        var rowId = $.jgrid.randId(); // new row ID
        $("#grid").jqGrid('addRowData', rowId, newData);
        console.log(rowId); // print new row id

See this fiddle & console output (2x click the row): http://jsfiddle.net/quK3s/

You see, if you add a new row, row id is "jqg1" but actually it inserts a row with "jqg2" (inspect with firebug, see console output if double clicking the row)

Any Ideas how to solve this issue? or is it a bug?

As i see in this question http://stackoverflow.com/a/9218310/2221820, i think the function is wrong and it should be pre-increment instead of $.jgrid.guid++.

Any thoughts?


i ended up with using

var rowId = $.jgrid.uidPref + (++$.jgrid.guid);

but any better solution/idea would be appreciated.

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