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I'm connected to a server remotely. Now, I need to run a process, but the condition here is the process shouldn't terminate even though I had turned off my computer.

How to deal with this problem?

Relevant help is heart-fully appreciated..!!

Thanks in Advance..

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Have a look at nohup and/or screen programs –  Mark Setchell Jul 3 at 15:58

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You have several options:

  • Run the script using nohup

  • Run it through screen

  • Run it using tmux

  • Use VNC and run the script from within the X session.

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I know about screen, but wondering how to use it correctly. Anyhow 'nohup' is a very good option than the others. Thanks Jim for your help. :) –  user3660223 Jul 3 at 16:17
With screen, what you do is creating sessions, and then sending commands (the scripts you want to run) into those sessions. Here's a quick reference: aperiodic.net/screen/quick_reference –  jim Jul 3 at 16:20

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