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On server 2012R2, IIS8, test.asp

<%=IsDate("16.07.2014")%> returns False
<%=IsDate("16/07/2014")%> returns True
<%=IsDate("16-07-2014")%> returns True
<%=IsDate("16,07,2014")%> returns True
<%=IsDate("16 07 2014")%> returns True

I need the first format of course. The CDate function does not work on first date either.

Has it something to do with regional settings? I have tried to change the user profile regional settings. then I copied My current settings to welcome screen and system accounts but it did not help.

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This has been asked numerous times before. Just search. – Lankymart Jul 7 '14 at 13:59
@Lankymart - Could you show me where please? – Combinatix Jul 15 '14 at 7:49
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SetLocale allows an ad-hoc specification of the script's behaviour:

>> WScript.Echo CStr(IsDate("16.07.2014"))
>> SetLocale "de-de"
>> WScript.Echo CStr(IsDate("16.07.2014"))

Update wrt comment:

This (hopefully) better sample

>> ol = GetLocale()
>> WScript.Echo 0, ol
>> SetLocale "en-us"
>> WScript.Echo 1, GetLocale()
>> WScript.Echo 2, CStr(IsDate("16.07.2014"))
>> SetLocale "cs-cz"
>> WScript.Echo 3, GetLocale()
>> WScript.Echo 4, CStr(IsDate("16.07.2014"))
>> SetLocale ol
>> WScript.Echo 5, GetLocale()
0 1033
1 1033
2 False
3 1029
4 True
5 1033


  1. that "cs-cz" should work
  2. how to save/restore the current locale
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It works for me. I have figured out that here, in Czech Republic, we actually have dd.mm.yyyy format but the SetLocale "cs-cz" makes these functions failing on this format. I have to use german locale instead. – Combinatix Jul 3 '14 at 17:25
@Combinatix - please see update. "cs-cz" 'not working' for you may indicate a mis-configuration of your server. – Ekkehard.Horner Jul 3 '14 at 19:12

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