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I am trying to create a Live-Template in Android Studio that will somewhat speed up creation of findViewById(...)

Part of it is self-learning, and part is curious in creating such live-templates.

I want to be able to type in the following...

Button find + (enter)

...and that should create something like this...

Button btnAdd = (Button) findViewById(R.id.btnAddition);

My current implementation has issues...

enter image description here enter image description here

...and these issues stem from the use of completeSmart(). Whenever you use completeSmart(), the template ignores everything after that call and ends editing.

For example, If I moved the CAST named-variable up one slot (above ID), then the cast would be automatically filled out and it would not let me easily edit ID anymore. Same as below picture, but without btnAddition. Just ...findViewById(R.id.);

With my current setup, I have CAST on the very bottom so I can easily edit all of the named-variables; however, the use of completeSmart() does not let the template end (Place the cursor by the $END$ marker - Line 29 in the picture below) when I am complete.

Instead, it places the cursor right after the cast, like so... enter image description here

...when it should be placed on the start of the next line. This template does put a new line in, but the cursor does not go there at the end. Why?

So I want this...

1 ) Since I already but in Button, I want to cast to be Button. I should not have to type in in twice!

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you should use method typeOfVariable()

you can change like this:


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