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What happens in mysql multiple records insert during an error. I have a table:

id  | value
2   | 100

Now i try to execute the query:

INSERT INTO table(id, value) VALUES (1,10),(2,20),(3,30)

I will get a duplicate-key error for the (2,20) BUT... Will the (1,10) get into the database? Will the (3,30) get into the database?

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as PierrOz pointed out in your case nothing will be inserted,

but you might want to look into the 'on duplicate key update' clause of the insert statement:

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yep good point about the "on duplicate key" :) –  PierrOz Mar 16 '10 at 16:33

in your case the whole query will fail and you won't have any of the rows you've tried to insert into your table

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