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im junior developer Android. In my app there is Register activity which shows on first start. So I want that users dont have to type their mail and/or username. I want to get their mail and/or name and send it to my server aplication for registering there. How can I get that informations? Thx

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You can use AccountManager for that you get all accounts of google.

public String getAccountsName(){
     AccountManager manager = AccountManager.get(this); 
     Account[] accounts = manager.getAccountsByType("com.google"); 
     List<String> possibleEmails = new LinkedList<String>();

     for (Account account : accounts) {
       // TODO: Check possibleEmail against an email regex or treat
       // account.name as an email address only for certain account.type values.

     if(!possibleEmails.isEmpty() && possibleEmails.get(0) != null){
         String email = possibleEmails.get(0);
         String[] parts = email.split("@");
         if(parts.length > 0 && parts[0] != null)
             return parts[0];
             return null;
         return null;
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