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I am not able to run any C/C++ programs in code::blocks. Could anyone please suggest why this is happening? Currently I have the gnu c and g++ compilers installed on the system. The error message on building and running this simple c code:


int main(){
    return 0;


Checking for existence: /home/user1/Desktop/progs/a Executing: xterm -T '/home/user1/Desktop/progs/a' -e /usr/bin/cb_console_runner "/home/user1/Desktop/progs/a" (in /home/user1/Desktop/progs)

Process terminated with status 255 (0 minute(s), 6 second(s))

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Please, format the error message as code. –  mafso Jul 3 '14 at 18:18
Does /usr/bin/cb_console_runner exist? –  mafso Jul 3 '14 at 18:20
yes it does exist . @mafso –  guitar_geek Jul 3 '14 at 18:37

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You have two options:

  • Install xterm


  • In CodeBlocks, go to Settings->Environment, go to Terminal to launch console programs, and select an appropriate terminal.

What's currently happening is that CodeBlocks is attempting to run your program with xterm, which isn't installed on your machine.

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exactly what was happening. thanks ! changed terminal to the installed one and it works. though why code blocks had set up "xterm" as default terminal when it wasn't even installed here, i won't know –  guitar_geek Jul 3 '14 at 18:46

I have had this issue once, maybe your program hasn't be properly ended the last time you ran it, so it is still open hence the issue while running it again

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On Linux Mint with MATE Desktop do as descriped above:

In CodeBlocks,

  • go to Settings->Environment,

  • go to "Terminal to launch console programs",

  • select GNOME terminal.

  • EDIT/exchange manual "gnome-terminal" to "mate-terminal". Click ok to confirm and "run" in CodeBlocks should work.

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