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I'm using the new AAA syntax and wanted to know the syntax to do the below and have the mock ignore the arguments:

mockAccount.AssertWasCalled(account => account.SetPassword("dsfdslkj"));

I think the below is how I would do this with the record/ replay model but I wanted to see if this could be done with AAA using 3.6:

mockAccount.Expect(account => account.SetPassword("sdfdsf")).IgnoreArguments();
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Found it with the obvious google search - hope someone else finds this of value

mockAccount.AssertWasNotCalled(x => x.SetPassword(""), y => y.IgnoreArguments());
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To ignore the arguments, use Arg<string>.Is.Anything:

mockAccount.AssertWasCalled(acc => acc.SetPassword(Arg<string>.Is.Anything));
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