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I've built an app using PhoneGap and am using its InAppBrowser plugin. For the iOS platform, the InAppBrowser is implemented using an UIWebView. The "address bar" is a simple UILabel so it is basically read-only from the user's perspective.

I'd like to extend the plugin to have a simple functioning address bar. You know, let the user type in new URLs and show little inline refresh and go buttons. Basically like a regular browser such as Mobile Safari, Chrome, etc.

I know 99 programming languages but Objective-C isn't one. :( Mostly, I don't have experience working with the iOS framework.

These assume too much for me to take action on:

iOS WebView with an Address Bar

Adding a header view to a UIWebView similar to Safari and Articles

I'd like to just modify the PhoneGap plugin iOS source itself so I can keep the plugin hooks it provides to my PhoneGap app's javascript.

Here are the two relevant files:

CDVInAppBrowser.h and CDVInAppBrowser.m on Github

Hopefully this is a welcome challenge to some one already proficient in Objective-C & iOS?

Or maybe you can accelerate me in making the changes myself?


So you can see what the current UIWebView (with UILabel for Address) looks like: enter image description here

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