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I have tried to run my app with the Chrome JS Profiler recording the CPU usage, and I've got a few warnings, ther were some "ForInStatement is not fast case", which I have fixed, but I am getting the "Inlining Bailed Out" warnings, for example in this code:

function display_loader(){
  for(i in obstacles){

This function basically creates an obstacles (display(obstacles[i]) draws a specific image of an obstacle - two separate functions for loading and for the code because of the "ForInStatement" warnings mentioned above).

The message "Inlining Bailed Out" appears randomly, especially when I play more than a minute, and it appears in either move_loader, display_loader or collision_loader functions. Sometimes does, sometimes doesn't.

Can you give me any word-explanation of ┬┤what this message really means? I've read a lot of threads over the web and I understand the "ForInStatement" logic, but I have no clue about the Inlining Bailed Out.

Also, can you give me a hint of how I fix it?

Thank you!

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