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I'm trying to make a better UI for my app, but I am struggling to get it working like I want to, I am still a beginner in iOS.

The idea:

An UIButton next to my UITableViewHeader titel for deleting the section.

The Problem:

So the problem is I don't really gotten figured it out how to work with CGRects and where to start with the default text format.

I'm getting this result:

Wrong result

As you can see here:

  • The UILabel is cut off by the 10px height of the CGRect, but the UIButton has also 10px, why isn't that one getting cut off?
  • How can I position it right like the default UITableViewHeaders and format.
  • Other way to solve this?


Default one

Thanks for the help

Kind Regards

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I'm honestly confused with what you are tryin to achieve. But regardless, you may take a look at this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15611374/customize-uitableview-header-sectio‌​n if you want to customise your headers. –  Teffi Jul 12 at 17:17

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