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I have following scenario using Play/EBean in Java

public class Client extends Model {

    public Long Id;

    public String host;
    public String mac;
    public String os;
    public Integer cores;

    public Groups group;

    public Client(String host, String mac, String os, Integer cores, Groups group){
        this.mac = mac;
        this.host = host;
        this.os = os;
        this.cores = cores;
        this.group = group;
// truncated


public class Groups extends Model {

    public Long Id;

    public String groupName;

    public String groupDescription;

    public Date createTime;

    @OneToMany(mappedBy="group", cascade=CascadeType.PERSIST)
    public List<Client> clients = new ArrayList<>();

    public Groups(String name, String description){
        groupName = name;
        groupDescription = description;
        //clients = new ArrayList<>();

I have getters and setters for fields.

The Client are stored in database already, and while creating a new Group I can assign the clients. Following code is used to save the Group.

public static Result save(){
        Form<Groups> boundForm = groupForm.bindFromRequest();
            flash("error", "Please correct the form below");
            return badRequest(group.render(boundForm, Client.findAll()));
        Groups group = boundForm.get();
        HashMap<String, String> map = (HashMap<String, String>) boundForm.data();

        Long clientID = Long.parseLong(map.get("Client"));
        Client c = (Client) Ebean.find(Client.class,clientID);
        BeanState bs = Ebean.getBeanState(c);
        group.clients = new ArrayList<>();
        group.clients.add(new Client(c.getHost(), c.getMac(), c.getOS(), c.getCores(), c.getGroup()));

        flash("success", String.format("Succesfully added group %s", group));
        return redirect(routes.GroupController.list());

The issue is a new record is inserted into the Client table instead of updating the previous one.

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For saving new objects use save() (as you do)

For updating existing use update(id) instead

BTW, while you use public fields, you don't need to override getters/setters, Play does it automatically.

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Thanks. But since I am using Cascade, so save will automatically call the insert on child table. Also until save is completed, I don't know the primary Key Id. So update(id) might not work. –  code_lover Jul 4 at 0:25
you NEED to know id of updated object to update it, there's no way to workaround this. BTW take a look to Play's samples about creating find methods inside the models, you are doing it little bit wrong. –  biesior Jul 4 at 0:29

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