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I'm trying to have JavaScript pickup a variable set from the Django admin context. The 'original' object is there already and is the model object I need. But, I need to get the objects name into a variable I can use in my JavaScript.

  var className = "{{ original.__class__.__name__ }}";

I have an Inline and a model Admin that I can use for this, but the Media class will only take files. What I need is a way to insert the above code into an admin template without overriding the template itself. Overriding the template requires me to know where exactly my code will reside which I will not know as this code will be part of a package.

Is there a way to dynamically update the TEMPLATE_DIRS settings object? If so then I could use the template method to remedy my problem.

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Have you tried overriding the admin templates? –  Thane Brimhall Jul 4 '14 at 3:18

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One way to achieve this is to override your Admin Templates. Now for this you should create a Virtualenv and install python and Django in it.

After that you can find out your django path by opening a python console with: python

Type the follwing into the console:

import sys
sys.path = sys.path[1:]
import django

This will output the path of your django install. If you're using a virtualenv it's usually something like:


So the admin templates are in :


There you can add a script tag just as in normal django templates.

Note that the virtualenv is just a recommendation. You don't have to use it but it's usually better to do so since it doesn't affect all python/django project but only the one you are using the env for.

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I'm already using a virtual environment, but your solution will not work in my case, because I'm building a package not a site. This will eventually be a plugin to Django and I'll have no idea where the end user will have it installed. –  cnobile Jul 4 '14 at 13:34

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