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I use the jstree('get_selected',false) to get the selected node of my jstree with checkbox plugins, but the result doesn't include the node with undetermined state . How can I get all of the selected node include undetermined ones.

the newest version of jstree does not include the method 'get_checked', why?


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The undetermined state is used internally by jstree and isn't meant for you to retrieve, set, filter on or alter. You would have to modify the jsTree plugin (or extend it) in order to do so. Additionally, I believe get_checked has been replaced by get_selected() as they technically now do the same thing. –  John C Jul 4 at 3:31

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jstree version 3 does have get_selected feature and it gives you all checked items

        var selectedElements = $('#treeidhere').jstree("get_selected", true);
        // Iterate over all the selected items
        $.each(selectedElements, function () {

for undetermined nodes,

        var checked_ids = [];
        $("#treeidhere").find(".jstree-undetermined").each(function (i, element) {
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