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I am new to Heroku and believe I am following all of the steps outlined on Heroku's website to deploy via node.js – https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/getting-started-with-nodejs – but despite indications of success, I only see this in the browser when I go to my newly-generated herokuapp.com site.

Cannot GET /

No errors when executing

git push heroku master

My Procfile is simply

web: node app.js

I dont quite understand dynos yet, but there seems to be one running:

heroku ps === web (1X): node app.js web.1: up 2014/07/03 23:55:00 (~ 18m ago)


heroku open Opening dry-dusk-8680... done

But https://dry-dusk-8680.herokuapp.com/ just displays the Cannot GET / message.

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My instructor pointed out that I had my dist directory included in my .gitignore file so I was not committing dist to my repo and not pushing it to Heroku. Therefore, Heroku could not find any content to serve.

I updated my .gitignore, committed, and pushed, and my app shows up just fine on Heroku now.

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