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I created Transport Agent and installed successfully in exchange server 2013.

After that mails are struck in drafts folder. I thought because of My Custom transport Agent , then i Uninstall Transport agent.

but still no use.

I restart Microsoft Exchange Transport Service and restart my server also.

Here is the code i used

public sealed class MyAgentFactory : RoutingAgentFactory
    public override RoutingAgent CreateAgent(SmtpServer server)
        return new MyAgent();
public class MyAgent : RoutingAgent
    public MyAgent()
        this.OnSubmittedMessage += new SubmittedMessageEventHandler(this.MySubmittedMessageHandler);

    public void MySubmittedMessageHandler(SubmittedMessageEventSource source, QueuedMessageEventArgs e)
        e.MailItem.Message.Subject = "This message passed through my agent: " + e.MailItem.Message.Subject;

I search in google about mails struck in drafts folder, all replies are

restore Default Receive Connectors. How can i restore it.

here is the links i see



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