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I'm newbie to wcf services. how to start wcf services with dynamics crm. at what scenarious we have to go for wcf services.Any references plz

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In Dynamics CRM we have to write our own Web Services (WCF/SOAP) to provide limited set of data/access to the external users.

Here is an example:

We have 2 teams working in our office. 1 is Java team and the 2nd is us CRM team. To provide data of specific entities like: Account, Contact, Case we have written a WCF Webservice with the following functions:

GetAccountByGuid: Returns the Account against a specific GUID

GetContactByGuid: Returns the Contact against a specific GUID

GetCaseByGuid: Returns the Case against a specific GUID

To create a new WCF Service in Visual Studio 2012: File->New->Project->WCF Service Application

To host/Start WCF:

Deploy WCF service in IIS 7.5

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