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I am writing PHP Unit test and I have class with public method testMeMethod (which I want to test) and private method privateMethod (which is called by public method). I am mocking my class like this:

$constructorArgs = array(

$myMock = $this->getMockBuilder('\some\namespace\MockMeClass')

But this will make all methods stubs and I need to test my public method. I need stub just private method, so I tried:

$myMock = $this->getMockBuilder('\some\namespace\MockMeClass')

$myMock->expects($this->any())->method('privateMethod')->will($this->returnValue('Return this'));

But even after that, if I call:


Actual public method code is processed, but for private method too. Why is not private method overwritten to simply return Return this without running actual code?

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One solution is change private method to protected, but I don't like it. –  Pavel Štěrba Jul 4 at 8:10
You could use Reflection and then mark the class as public to access it. –  Steven Scott Jul 4 at 16:25

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