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I've already successfully changed most of the <a> urls to prettier ones (hiding all the millions of /w/index.php?title=foo&.... links into /wiki/Foo?...) through a combination of $wgActionPaths and client side javascript:

jQuery(function ($) {
  $('[href*="title="]').attr('href', function (i, value) {
    return value.replace(/\/w\/index.php\?title=(.+?)\&(.+?)/, "/wiki/$1?$2")

(I was too lazy to translate that into PHP)

The only links left are the target urls of

  • the search form
  • the history page 'compare selected versions' and 'browse history' forms

How would I make these target nicer cleaner URLs?

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A combination of the following LocalSettings.php

$actions = [ 'watch', 'unwatch', 'delete', 'revert', 'rollback', 'protect', 
                'unprotect', 'markpatrolled', 'render', 'submit', 'purge' ];
foreach ($actions as $action)
        $wgActionPaths[$action] = "/wiki/$1?action=$action";

which change the some of the html links

and MediaWiki:Common.js

  $('#searchform').attr('action', '/wiki/Special:Search')
  $('form').attr('action', function (i, value) {
    return value.replace("/w/index.php", "/wiki/" + $('[name="title"]', this).attr('value'))

to fix the search action, and the special pages forms

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