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In my Bindy model I would like to set a paddingChar on one field. I saw in the documentation that with a @Fixed-length record I can add a paddingChar attribute but with a @CsvRecord it seems not to be the possible ?

This code doesn't pad field mandant with "0":

@CsvRecord(separator = ";", generateHeaderColumns=true)
public class Unity{

@DataField(pos = 1, length = 3, paddingChar = '0')  String mandant;
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According to the Camel documentation, you could use the pattern attribute for Double, Integer, Float, Short, Long, and BigDecimal fields. The format is defined according to java.text.DecimalFormat:

@DataField(pos = 1, pattern = "000")
Float mandant;


pattern is ignored (at least for Camel 2.13.1), if the locale is not set (a kind of a bug or at least an undocumented feature...). Thus, do the following:

final BindyCsvDataFormat bindy = new BindyCsvDataFormat(Unity.class);


I opened a Jira issue as I think this should be fixed: CAMEL-7578


CAMEL-7578 is fixed for Camel versions 2.12.5, 2.13.3, and 2.14.0.

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