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For the moment to set the runtime options of my tests (platform url, database, etc....) I'm using a YAML file that I parse using YAML.load_file before launching the test itself. For debugging/development purpose I was wondering if there was any way to pass custom custom cli args and parse them in the same way. For example --debug-database <database hostname>

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you can use environment variables for this


When you are Running Features it can sometimes be handy to pass special values to Cucumber so that they can be picked up in your Step Definitions. You can easily do this on the command line:

cucumber FOO=BAR --format progress features You can now pick up ENV['FOO'] in ruby (for example in env.rb or a step definition) and take actions according to the value

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Thanks, I guess I should add a 'rtfm' tag to this question ;) – Ketouem Jul 4 '14 at 9:01

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