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I am on end wisdom, hope someone can sched light on it.

I have a deployscript.php which creates some config xmls When i run the script in schell via php /deploy.php

 echo get_current_user(); 

returns root and it creates the file:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1873 Jul 4 09:07 /data/client.xml

Now here is the mayhem: i made a diferent script wich schell executes that script

echo get_current_user();
$deployRes = shell_exec("/usr/bin/php " . INCLUDE_PATH . "/deploy.php dev $deploy debug");
 echo $deployRes;

This one returns me root schell=root meaning BOTH the index.php and deploy.php are executed with root. BUT when i try to unlink(/data/client.xml) i get permision error... wtf

Ok i toth i should chmod the damn thing with

chmod($newFilename, 0777);
chown($newFilename, 'www-data');
chgrp($newFilename, 'www-data');

But without results. Anyone any idea why?

steps which i have to do:

  1. run script manually which creates the file. (from schell, debian)
  2. run the index.php script wich runs the script again and deletes it/creates it anew.
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Bump.. anyone any info on this? i cant get it to work...Q_Q –  Sangoku Jul 11 at 11:33

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