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I'm writing a wxWidgets GUI application, but it also uses some console objects.

I need a way of displaying stdout and accessing stdin; the best way to do this, would be displaying the console as well as the GUI. This can be done if a user runs the program from the command prompt/shell etc, but the command prompt does not automatically open to view stdout when the application is ran.

I know this has to be possible, because when you run a console application, the console runs automatically. I found one or two solutions that require the Windows API, but sadly my code needs to be cross platform (I'm developing this on Linux).

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Did it work for you? – Qwerty Mar 13 '13 at 18:25

The solution is very simple: use wxStreamToTextRedirector. This allows console output to be redirected to a text control. You could create a separate window for this and color it to look like a console. The link above provides an example.

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If using Code::Blocks, in project properties under Build Targets, there is an option to build the project as a console application. Choosing that will have the app run with the console attached.

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WxWidgets has macro's (wxIMPLEMENT_APP_CONSOLE, wxIMPLEMENT_APP) for showing the console (or not). Seems to work fine, you can pick the right macro depending on your preprocessor definitions.

class MyApp: public wxApp
        virtual bool OnInit();

#ifdef _DEBUG

bool MyApp::OnInit()

    MainWindow *frame = new MainWindow( TOOLNAME, wxPoint(50, 50), wxSize(600,400) );
    return true;
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