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I want to create a Adwords Script which will keep track of Quality Score for specific keywords on a daily basis. The results will be stored in a Google Spreadsheet. So, what I want is: the first column to be the Keywords Column (which will not change) and then each column to have the current date and the keyword's quality score. This will run on a daily schedule so next day it should write that day's results in a new column:

samplekey1_|___ 8 ____|___ 9 ___|___9___|
samplekey2_|___ 6 ____|___ 7 ___|___9___|
samplekey3_|___ 8 ____|__ 10 ___|___9___|
samplekeyN_|___ 7 ____|___ 8 ___|___8___|

(the numbers are the quality score of that keyword for the given date)

Is there an easy way to code that script? What I really need is a way to check if a column is empty and if yes, to write the quality score results of the keyword in that column. Thanks for any help.

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