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I'm trying to set up a CakePHP redirect route, but I'm stuck. Reading the book didn't help so far.

I want to redirect the URL /mysite/xyz to /mysite/en/xyz (which includes a language parameter)

The route for the final URL, /mysite/en/xyz, is set up like so, and works fine:

    array('controller' => 'content', 'action' => 'index'),  
        'named' => array('language', 'category'),
        'language' => 'en|de',
        'category' => 'abc|def|xyz', 
        'pass' => array('language', 'category')

The redirect route is set up like so:

    array('controller' => 'content', 'action' => 'index', 'language' => 'en'),
        'named' => array('category'),
        'category' => 'abc|def|xyz', 
        'pass' => array('language'),
        'persist' => array('category')

However, if I now access the URL /mysite/xyz, I'm redirected to /mysite/mysite/en/xyz/en - note the duplication of parameters.

How can I set this up correctly?

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Have you tried to remove 'pass' => array('language', 'category') in your Router::connect ? –  Oliboy50 Jul 5 at 16:15
@Oliboy50: 'pass' => array('language', 'category') is in the first route, which works fine as it is. It's the redirect route I'm having problems with. –  matk Jul 7 at 7:40

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