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This might be a bit of a silly question to ask but I'm just wondering if it's possible to check if a user likes your Facebook page on a website by using Facebook's API without creating an app.

It seems weird to have an app, popup permissions and all that to simply check if a user likes a Facebook page or not.

The idea is to hide some content if the user is not a fan of the Facebook page. Does this stil l require creating an app?

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Without using Graph API- No

If you don't use the Graph API how would you even you who is logged-in via facebook. You cant even get the currently-logged-in user without Graph API.

I'm not sure if you need this, but to get this thing done using the Graph API, here's what you have to do-

  • ask for the permission user_likes from the user and login
  • call the API- /me/likes/PAGE_ID

If you get some response that means the user had liked the page already, else if you get the blank data that means user has not liked this page yet.

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