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Offer wall is a way of cross promotion of apps. Adcolony is a offer wall. But i am confused about that apple will accept that or not.

Here this link says it supports

But this link says it doesn't.

So if anyone has done this and have successfully uploaded an app to app store then please tell me.

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With all question about will Apple allow .... there is not real answer. It is up to the reviewer whether or not it will be allowed. Just check the App Store Review Guidelines since this is the only official document that Apple has which will tell you wat is and isen't allowed. –  rckoenes Jul 4 at 11:32
@rckoenes can we use offer walls in ios app will apple allow it –  pooja_1205 Jul 4 at 11:48
I thought my answer was quite clear, there is no way of telling. Apple changes the rules all the time. Question like these can't be answered. Since there are no set rules just some guidelines. That means that one reviewer might allow it while another might not. –  rckoenes Jul 4 at 12:02
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about Apple's app approval criteria. –  rmaddy Jul 4 at 17:25

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