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enter image description hereHow do I get the correct value ?

este value I got from loop is: 2.71828183

actdif = actval - este

When I subtract, the actdif value is : -4.59045

Entire program is:

    PROGRAM est_e

    c       IMPLICIT NONE

    INTEGER n, lcv
    DOUBLE PRECISION  este, reldif, actdif, factor, actval

    actval = 2.718281828D0
    factor = 1
    este = 1
    DO lcv = 1, n, 1
            factor = factor * lcv
            este = este + 1/factor
    END DO

    actdif =   actval - este
    reldif = actdif/actval

    print *, 'The estimate of e is: ', este
    print *, 'Actual difference is:', actdif
    print *, 'Relative difference is:', reldif

    END PROGRAM est_e
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Can you please explain what your algorithm should do and why the value you get is not what you expect? –  Peter Jul 4 at 12:09
ideone.com/FSrrzp The estimate of e is: 2.7182818284590455 Actual difference is: -4.5904569034860288E-010 Relative difference is: -1.6887347206612122E-010 –  Peter Jul 4 at 12:24
Are you reading actdif correctly? Running your code I get Actual difference is: -4.5904569034860288E-010 ,that is -4.59 x 10^-10 or -0.00000000045904569034860288 –  casey Jul 4 at 12:33
@Sun You are quite wrong. Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. Neither your question nor your comments meet the standards on SO. –  Alexander Vogt Jul 4 at 17:19
The question is still bad, not because of it being a silly mistake, but because it is badly constructed. Yes, one can probably guess what you are actually asking, but "How do I get the correct value ?" is not a good question. It should first explain what you tried to achieve "I wanted to compute e with the below algorithm: <code>", then "This was the output when I ran it", then what you expected "I was the output to be ...", and then ask a specific question why a certain output is different, and maybe what you tried to figure out yourself. Please, put some more effort into asking a question. –  steabert Jul 5 at 9:28

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You are simply mis-reading your output. You claim that the output is:


That claim is contradicted by the screenshot. The actual output is:


That is a very small number, very close to zero. Note also that your actual value is specified to 10 significant digits, commensurate with the relative error that your program reports. In other words it seems that your estimate is accurate and that your program is behaving correctly.

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Now, I understand my mistake. I am new to these concepts and Fortran. I was checking it by using the calculator and it showed "-0.000000002" as answer. I was confused with that. Is there any other possibility to display the answer in a better way ? Thank you David ! –  Sun Jul 4 at 12:48
What's wrong with how it is currently displayed? –  David Heffernan Jul 4 at 12:53
I understand E Notation. Thank you Peter. –  Sun Jul 4 at 13:17
There are certainly ways to output values in fixed format rather than scientific notation. web.stanford.edu/class/me200c/tutorial_77/17_format.html math.hawaii.edu/wordpress/fortran-3/#write I'm sure that your Fortran text book will cover this in lots of detail. –  David Heffernan Jul 4 at 13:20

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