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i started with the google web starter kit template today and i was wondering if i could watch the sass files while debugging. Now i only see the compiled components.css and main.css. I did enable source-maps but apparently you can only see the compiled version.

many tnx in advance

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I also had the same problem. The following article from Google helped me: Chrome Dev Tools CSS Preprocessors

Specifically, check your gulpfile.js to make sure that the rubySass task has source maps enabled like so:

   gulp.task('styles:scss', function () {
  return gulp.src(['app/styles/**/*.scss', '!app/styles/components/components.scss'])
      style: 'expanded',
      precision: 10,
      loadPath: ['app/styles'],
      sourcemap: true
    .pipe($.autoprefixer('last 1 version'))
    .pipe($.size({title: 'styles:scss'}));

The above causes the css source maps to be generated. Next, I turned on CSS source maps in the Chrome Dev Tools settings. Lastly, I created a Chrome Workspace - which was mentioned in the above Chrome Dev Tools documentation.

More information on Workspaces can be found here: Chrome Dev Tools Workspaces

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tnx for your reply. I did manage to see the sass files in dev tools. Tnx. However, editing them in dev tools directly doesn't work. Should it? – Joost S Jul 8 '14 at 7:44

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