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I am using the following primefaces dialog and I added scrolling after a max height using the style attribute below.

However, the scrollbar is not showing up within the header and as a result, when I scroll, the header scrolls along with the contents of the dialog.

<p:dialog header="#{resName}" widgetVar="resDialog" resizable="false" style="max-height:900px;overflow:auto">

I don't want the header to scroll and preferably, I also want the scrollbar to show under the header

Any ideas?

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Get rid of your overflow:auto; and put every content from your dialog inside a p:scrollPanel (check here).

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Thanks, I had to put the contents of my dialog around the following to make it work: <p:scrollPanel mode="native" style="max-height:700px"> –  user3737958 Jul 4 '14 at 18:43
I also had to keep my header(for which I used th f:facet tag) outside of the p:scrollPanel; otherwise, my header would not display properly –  user3737958 Jul 4 '14 at 18:45

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