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I have the problem that when I generate code from wsdl and xsds with cxf, the PortType ends up having the content of both input-type and output-type as parameters. This does not happen in the old Axis2-implementation. Cxf also makes it a void-method instead of returning the response-type. Using cxf 2.5.3

From the WSDL:

<portType name="PortType">
    <operation name="getResponse">
        <input message="ns:Request"/>
        <output message="ns:Response"/>
        <fault name="Error" message="ns:Error"/>

From PortType.java

@RequestWrapper(localName="Request", targetNamespace="http://ws.site.no/path/to/service.xsd", className="path.to.request")
@ResponseWrapper(localName="Response", targetNamespace="http://ws.site.no/path/to/service.xsd", className="path.to.request")
public void getResponse(
// Stuff from the request-class:
    @WebParam(name = "reference", targetNamespace = "")
    java.lang.String reference,
    @WebParam(name = "database", targetNamespace = "")
    path.to.Database database,
    @WebParam(name = "organizationNumber", targetNamespace = "")
    java.lang.String organizationNumber,

// Stuff from the response-class
    @WebParam(mode = WebParam.Mode.OUT, name = "Status", targetNamespace = "")
    javax.xml.ws.Holder<path.to.request.Status> status,
    @WebParam(mode = WebParam.Mode.OUT, name = "Information", targetNamespace = "")
    javax.xml.ws.Holder<path.to.request.Information> information,
    @WebParam(mode = WebParam.Mode.OUT, name = "Signature", targetNamespace = "")
    javax.xml.ws.Holder<path.to.request.Signature> signature,
   // (...) Everything else from the response class
) throws Error;
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