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This seems to be a recurring problem to me. I want to get started doing wcf services. I create a new Wcf Service Library, compile it, and publish it using FTP to my providers webhotel. But its not working. I somehow cant get access. I dont want some fancy security model - i just want to get a hole through to my simple webservice. Seems that its the part when i publish it to my webhotel (in a subdomain) that breaks the webservice - its working perfectly when starting it locally.

How to proceed anyone?

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Often you need confguration information to host a service. If the service is hosted in IIS, then you need that configuration in web.config. Are you updating Web.config properly? Some hosters don't allow it.

To address this problem you can set up your IIS-hosted WCF service to read its config data from elsewhere.

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I wrote a bit about my findings, this solved my issue: http://www.vikingworks.dk/post/WCF-Service-on-hosted-environment.aspx

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