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I'm migrating from Weblogic 11g to 12c, during the deployment process it fails and shows the following error:

Caused by: weblogic.application.naming.ReferenceResolutionException: [J2EE:160199]Error resolving ejb-ref "ejb/BizRuleFacade" from module "BizAgi-ejb.jar" of application "BizAgi-ear-Weblogic". The ejb-ref does not have an ejb-link and the JNDI name of the target bean has not been specified. Attempts to automatically link the ejb-ref to its target bean failed because multiple EJBs in the application were found to implement the "BizAgi.bpm.rules.entities.BizRuleFacade" interface, including BizAgi-war.war/BizRuleFacadeBean, BizAgi-ejb.jar/BizRuleFacadeBean. Specify a qualified ejb-link for this ejb-ref to indicate which EJB is the target of this ejb-ref.

My web.xml file looks like this:

<ejb-local-ref> <ejb-ref-name>ejb/BAScopeLogFacade</ejb-ref-name> <ejb-ref-type>Session</ejb-ref-type> <local>BizAgi.PAL.historylog.entities.BAScopeLogFacade</local> <ejb-link>BizAgi-ejb.jar#BAScopeLogFacadeBean</ejb-link> </ejb-local-ref>

The BizAgi-ejb.jar is a module inside the ear (BizAgi-ear-Weblogic.ear).

How can i properly deploy my application?

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It seems that WebLogic complains about an ejb-ref in the EJB-jar.xml of the EJB module, not the one from the web.xml. –  Robert Panzer Jul 4 '14 at 18:35
Can you share your whole <session> tag? There may be an another issue. This may help as well coderanch.com/t/451012/EJB-JEE/java/… –  Display Name is missing Jul 7 '14 at 15:52

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Thank you so much everybody, I've finally found the solution, it is to simply delete/remove the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file from the .war file. That way the EJBs aren't double referenced.

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I found this problem only happens in weblogic 12c. –  michael_demonio Jul 10 '14 at 14:03

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