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How would one go about offsetting the left position of ".times" so that the anchor with the class "active" is centered in the viewport. Would I also need to retrigger the offset when another time is clicked? (The anchors are a fixed width if that helps).

Here's a screenshot to help illustrate it:


The time 7:30 should be the item centered

<div class="time-scroller">
    <nav class="times">
        <a href="#" data-time="5:00"><span>5:00</span></a>
        <a href="#" data-time="5:30"><span>5:30</span></a>
        <a href="#" data-time="6:00"><span>6:00</span></a>
        <a href="#" data-time="7:00"><span>7:00</span></a>
        <a href="#" data-time="7:30" class="active"><span>7:30</span></a>
        <a href="#" data-time="8:00"><span>8:00</span></a>
        <a href="#" data-time="8:30"><span>8:30</span></a>
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somewhat depends on the css you are using. Where is the code showing your attempts? A live demo in jsfiddle.net with basic css would also help –  charlietfl Jul 4 at 18:25
calculate the total width of the nav (in javascript) and give it negative value for absolute positioned elements: left or static elements: margin-left –  Hardy Jul 4 at 18:26
@charlietfl here ya go, sorry I had to piecemeal this together the way everything is rigged up. jsfiddle.net/Dptk8 –  Guy Meyer Jul 4 at 19:29
try this jsfiddle.net/Dptk8/2 –  charlietfl Jul 4 at 19:52
will need some tweaks to account for current margin settings if/when change time again –  charlietfl Jul 4 at 19:58

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