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As this (Initialize field before super constructor runs?) post states, all non static variables get initialized after the super class constructor runs, but in the following example, while debugging I see that the variable isn't initialized before the parent constructor runs, the print function prints the result "B=5" as if it was initialized.

When I use a non final variable the result is "B=0" as expected.

What's going on?

here is the code:

public class A {
    int a=77;
    public A(int i){

    public void printMe(){
        System.out.println("A "+a);

public class B extends A{
    //static int a=5; //test  will print 5
    final int a=5; //test  will print 5
    //int a=5;         ////test will print 0
    public B() {

    public void printMe(){

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new B();
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final int a=5;

is a constant variable, which is a constant expression. The compiler will replace all references to it with its value.



will actually compile to

System.out.println("B="+5); // B=5
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