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With the code below, the local songs variable is never able to be iterated despite all the checks to the contrary ( println shows the value stored ). The other thing is that the Xcode debugger seems to jump all over the place in the init method.

let gLibraryManager = LibraryManager()

class LibraryManager {

var Songs = Dictionary<String, String>()

init() {
    println("struct being initialized from NSDefaults")
    let userDefaults = NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults();
    var result:AnyObject = userDefaults.objectForKey(LIKED_LIST)
    var local = result as? Dictionary<String,String>
    if local != nil {
        println("local not nil: \(local!)")
        for (id,title) in local!  {
            Songs[id] = title
        if Songs.count > 0 {
            println("NSDefaults detected: \(Songs)")
        } else {
            println("no NSDefaults detected.  Initializing empty")
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What is the actual error you are getting? What do you mean the songs variable cannot be iterated? Do you mean that the for block is never executed? Have you verified if the user defaults is actually returning a non-empty dictionary? –  drewag Jul 4 at 20:13
Show us the output of your prints –  Jack Wu Jul 4 at 20:13
Also, are you actually using Songs and songs as two different vars... –  Jack Wu Jul 4 at 20:14
struct being initialized from NSDefaults { 3806754377931625544 = Wewhocannotbenamed; } local not nil: [3806754377931625544: Wewhocannotbenamed] no NSDefaults detected. Initializing empty –  Tommy Fannon Jul 4 at 20:19
@TommyFannon, you first error message indicates that there is nothing in the NSDefaults –  drewag Jul 4 at 20:34

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ok. i figured out what is was.

I had set the Swift Compiler - Code Generation. Optimization level to -Fastest. This was to prevent the extremely slow creation of Dictionaries.

However, it appears this breaks the ability to iterate structures.

It also seems to resolve the weird bouncing around of breakpoints.

This was a needle in a haystack that tooks many hours. I guess the moral of the story is not to mess with compiler flags yet.

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