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I have an sql issue. I have 3 tables like in the image. In the front end (User Interface), I have a selectone box to select a course and an employee autocomplete. The autocomplete must retrieve all employee names along with the status for the selected course.

enter image description here

I tried

select e.id,per.id,t.status 
from employee e 
join person per on e.personId=per.id 
left join training t on e.id=t.employeeId`

but this retrieves duplicate rows for the employeeId '1'. for the employee with id 1, I need to retireve only the row with the selected courseId (selected from User Interface. )

In short,I need all employees information plus the selected courses employee info and also empIds must not repeat.

If selected course id is 34, the retrieved output must contain

1, Ravi , 1; 
2, Meera , 0; 
3, Rahul ,0; 
4, Vinu, 0.

How do i form the reqd sql query?

As per suggestion provided, I sort of modified the accepted answer to (as per my requirement)

SELECT e.id,per.name,COALESCE(t.status,0)
FROM employee e 
JOIN person per ON e.personId=per.id 
LEFT JOIN training t ON e.id=t.employeeId
    AND t.courseId = ?
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Replace left by inner? –  didierc Jul 4 at 20:51
nope, it wont work, 1, Ravi , 0; 1, Ravi , 1; 2, Meera , 0; –  Eves Mary Jul 4 at 21:00
Oh, I didn't see the where clause on course_id wasn't in the original query, you need that if you want to get the related rows. –  didierc Jul 4 at 21:06
But do you need that info regardless of the employee enrollment in that course? –  didierc Jul 4 at 21:12
yes, i need..beacuse i have show all employee name in an autocomplete suggestion list, and i need to provide css background color for each suggested item based on the status for the selected course. –  Eves Mary Jul 4 at 21:15

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The trick with left joins is to add the condition on the left-joined table to the join condition:

select e.id,per.id,t.status 
from employee e 
join person per on e.personId=per.id 
left join training t on e.id=t.employeeId
    and t.courseId = ?

This only attempts joins to specific training rows.

If you put the course condition into a where clause, you lose the left join - it effectively becomes an inner join, because where clause conditions are executed after the join is made. Conditions in the join condition however are executed as the join is made.

As a general comment, many people don't realise that you can put non-key conditions into a join condition. In fact, as in this situation, it is the cleanest way to achive the output you want.

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In other words, an extra clause on the join works like a where clause on the second table only. –  didierc Jul 4 at 21:08
yes, i confused as what to do as i cannot possibly put a where clause in my old query.. you have been really helpful..:D –  Eves Mary Jul 4 at 21:09

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