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I'm developing an app that synchronizes data from samba protocol or ftp protocol, and for ftp it works like a charm I have a problem with Smb. Note: program has tasks that synchronize data and these tasks can be started very quickly (every 10 seconds or more), each task has a flag that determines it needs to authenticate, and in samba to authenticate we use wnetaddconnection2 in separate thread with 30sec timeout which is abandonned on timeout and when timeout happens once, all tasks that authenticate on smb can do same. and my question is: how should I deal with this, cancel connections\which flags to put in wnetaddconnection2 (temporary or 0 flag) ? and what with authenticating to addressess like \some_address\1 and \some_address\2, do I need to authenticate to directories or host? any other handy tips are appreciated :)

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