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class MyEntity {

    ... important fields here

    private List<AnotherEntity> anotherEntities = new ArrayList<AnotherEntity>();


So what I want to do is to write a query

TypedQuery<MyEntity> query = em.createQuery("from MyEntity me where :anotherentity in me.anotherEntities", AnotherEntity.class);

which fetches all the MyEntitys, in which a concrete AnotherEntity is referenced. I know this query is wrong. It's just there to show you what I mean.

I do not want to solve this with a bidirectional mapping.

Best Regards!

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TypedQuery<MyEntity> query = 
    em.createQuery("select me from MyEntity me"
                       + " where :anotherentity member of me.anotherEntities", 
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Perfect. Exactly what I needed to know! –  Tim Joseph Jul 5 at 10:48

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