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Is there a way to find a word in a text file which might be wrapped at an unknown position to the next line like the table_name in this example?

  'select id, field1, field2 from ta' +
  'ble_name where condition'

The two parts of the word are separated by a known sequence (quote, blank, new line, six blanks and quote).

It can be solved with a two step process, where the constant sequence is removed from the file before doing the search.

Am I correct that it is not possible to do it with standard grep?

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With GNU grep, tr and sed: tr -d "\n" < filename | sed -r "s/' {7}'//" | grep table_name –  Cyrus Jul 6 at 9:53

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No, you cannot do it with standard grep alone, because you cannot change the line delimiter from \n. Instead, you have to transform the input first as you have described.

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